Creating a domain under existing DNS / DHCP environment


We are planning to implement an Active Directory domain by running DCPROMO on a windows 2008 server. We currently have linux dns, DHCP & site-to-site VPN.

Windows docs state that a new domain controller wants to do its own DNS.

Is it possible to set up my domain controller so that it uses the existing DNS & DHCP servers? If so then can you please outline any special steps required during setup?

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You best bet might be to use Windows 2008 DNS and either forward requests from your Windows 2008 DNS server top your Linux DNS server (as a forwarder).  In this way, you get to keep all of your DNS records configured in Linux.  Or you can migrate your Linux DNS to Windows 2008.

A 3rd possibility is to use your Linux server as the DNS server for the Windows 2008 domain.  If you have a new version of DNS (that supports DDNS- dynamic entries, you are probably OK)
Mike KlineCommented:
If the Linux DNS server supports SRV records you should be able to set it up.  Microsoft has info on it here:

and more on the SRV records here:

As  you can see in the Microsoft paper you don't "have" to support dynmaic updates...but it will make your life easier.

We use Microsoft DNS for AD where I am so I'm not super familiar with using BIND for AD records (we do forward external queries to two BIND servers)


To use option 1... (Windows 2008 DNS for the AD domain) do this...

1) On the Windows 2008 server, configure TCP/IP so that DNS is pointing to or to the IP address of the Windows 2008 server (and not to the Linux DNS server or any other DNS server)

2) run DCPROMO...  (you will be asked to install DNS service (say YES)

3) After the wizard completes and the server reboots... configure your Windows 2008 DNS to forward request to the Linux DNS server.  Go into the DNS console and right click your Windows 2008 server name.  On the Forwarders tab, enter the IP address of your Linux DNS server.  --  Now any lookup for a domain that the Windows 2008 DNs server is not authoritative for, will be redirected to your Linux server.

4) Adjust your DHCP scope to point DNS (for the workstations that will be joining the Windows 2008 domain) to point to the Windows 2008 DNS server (and NO OTHER DNS server)...  in other words do NOT point to the Linux server directly..  Clients of the domain must only use the DNS server that holds the forward lookup zone for the newly created domain.

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MDWinterAuthor Commented:
Perfect  - thanks.
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