SQL query date conversion

I have a query that takes a really long time, im trying to optimize it.  One thing that I want to do is change the way that we are converting the data.  I am currently converting the dates from char values to a date.  is there a better way to do this?
(CASE ISDATE(substring(birth_date, 1, 2) + '/' + substring(birth_date, 3, 2) + '/' + substring(birth_date, 5, 4))WHEN 1 THEN convert(datetime,(substring(birth_date, 1, 2) + '/' + substring(birth_date, 3, 2) + '/' + substring(birth_date, 5, 4)),101)ELSE NULL END)as birth_date,

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DB_FuryAuthor Commented:
oh thanks for spotting that, this is SQL 2005
Marten RuneSQL Expert/Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
The proper way is ofcourse to store dates as dates.

This gives two paths that differ weather you own the database design or not.

1. You own the database and can do whatever.
Solution, If you really need the char values, create a new column and populate it with an update query to populate the dates. When this is done, you'll utilize the correct column instead of the char column.

2. You dont own the database, but your optimizing some report i e crystal report, data to excel or something similar.
Solution, Create a small database, named <DBNAME>_DateFix.
Create a table, with primary key from the table containing 'birth_date' and then a date column. Now populate it using primary keys and the conversion to dates. When this is done, you'll utilize the correct column from the new database instead of the char column in the original database. Make sure you set security for the new database to match the security for the original database.


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Alfred A.Commented:

I fully agree with "martenrune".  The proper way is to store dates as dates.

SELECT field concatenation most of the time slows down a query and you will really feel it especially if you have a very large database.

Also, is there a reason why you need to check for the dd, mm and yyyy?  Is the char birth_date field not always in dd/mm/yyyy form?  If the information in the birth_date field which is char has the dd/mm/yyyy pattern, you could just use, for example, a direct CONVERT(datetime,birth_date,101).

Just "my two cents" of it.  :-)
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DB_FuryAuthor Commented:
it has to be a char value, i get the data in the format mmddyyyy, instead of doing the conversion in the select statement i think im just going to select it into a temp table and do a update on that information and then insert all the information into a table.  it sounds odd but i have to accept every value on my form as a char value i cant accept it as a date field becuase they could enter xxxxxx for the date and i have to accept every thing they enter, my app will make them edit that field.
Tim HumphriesDirectorCommented:

In your app, why don't you store the values entered, and if they enter a valid date (in the form mmddyyyy) then populate a true date field (on the same table) with the date - otherwise set this date field to 1/1/1900 or similar. Then you have the text entered as well as a date field you can use properly in your queries.

Tim HumphriesDirectorCommented:
Hi - sorry - just realise this is exactly what martenrune suggested. I obviously agree!

Alfred A.Commented:
Hi DB_Fury,

Just a suggestion, you could design your form to incorporate for example, three dropdown boxes that captures month, day, and year.  Or three textboxes, and then validate them on the form before even touching the database.  You have to force your users to behave. :-)

Another suggestion is use an AJAX calendar in your form.

This would at least save you the time to deal with complex situations in the database.

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