How to stop a running task sequence in sccm

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I have a Task Sequence for OSD and Software Deployment in SCCM 2007 R2. I have misstyped something and now many machines have started with the task sequence. The OSD was canceled but the SW-Deployment ist on go and trys to install the Packages... This is nt a great problem but there are several reboot bethween the Softwares! So, how can i stop a running task sequence from the central server? is it enough to remove the Computers from the collection?
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merowingerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would remove the computer s from the collection, as you can't disable task sequence like advertisments. Additonal i think you need a fast answer ;)
MTFKnowAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I hope, this is enough... At the Moment i have disabled the local Services from SCCM on the Clients (SMS Task Sequence Agent Service and SMS Agent Host Service). I disabled this services too. Tomorrow i want to re-enable the two services and hope, the task sequence will not continue to run after that?
The first step would be to disable the advertisement (right click the advertisement -> Disable Task Sequence) ... Leave the SMS Task Sequence Agent Service disabled, after you enable and restart the SMS Agent Host Service, the computers SHOULD retrieve policy telling them that the advertisement/TS is disabled .. you should then be able to enable and start the SMS Task Sequence Agent Service.

I haven't tried this, but it should work.
cool i didn't know that you can disable task sequence. The option seems to be available only on the advertisement view
MTFKnowAuthor Commented:
Fast answer, Thanks
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