clear text boxes & other controls in infopath form

i need a button in an infopath form which if i clicked it all the controls in that form will be cleared
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
You can do a reset of the form, equivalent to closing and opening a form again, but often this is not desirable.

Otherwise you would need to use rules or point all fields at a reset bit that kicks off a set field to "".

Typically you need to architect the form where they need to start the form over, if they want to start over.

I sometimes will use two forms, the first has some of the persistent data, when the user clicks to begin it actually opens a second form which then is for one record and then closes when they are done and they go back to the first form and start again. Pretty seamless and gets the job done.
HassanayAuthor Commented:
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