I am looking for a motherboard with onboard dual video that supports DVI-I and VGA.

Hi everyone, i am looking for motherboards with onboard dual video that supports DVI-I and VGA.  I have found a number of very good boards that support DVI-D and VGA but I haven't had any luck finding one that supports DVI-I.

The reason behind this request is we have a lot of users with dual monitor displays running on basic boards with a dual video cards installed.  We are in the process of replacing most of these machines and have found that we get better deals by building (barebones) as needed.  

The problem is that most of the monitors support only VGA adapters, so the DVI-D interfaces are useless.  If we use a DVI-I we could convert the signal to analog with a cheap converter and utilize both VGA monitors.    Unfortunately, you can not convert DVI-D to VGA since the signal is digital only.

Previously we used ASUS and GIGABYTE boards with AMD Athlon II x2 processors with great success.  We just paired up the boards with monitors that are running both VGA and DVI and we could take advantage of the onboard capability.  But we are running out of those types of monitors and we don't want to buy new video cards unnecessarily (since we have a lot of left overs).

Thanks in advance.
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Don't you have cpu constraints, or are you willing to purchase new processors, in addition to motherboards?

I haven't seen any motherboards that provide DVI-I, and I think that is due to the chipsets on the motherboards and the fact that everyone is moving to HDMI as an alternate display port.  You are better off getting a motherboard for other criteria and adding on a dual port card that will work as desired.
aneuman2930Author Commented:
Callandor, thanks for the quick response.  So far we haven't had any issues using two monitors on a motherboard with dual (VGA / DVI-D) interfaces.  We simply plug a VGA from one monitor and the DVI from the other.  We run into trouble when we see (cheap) monitors with only VGA interfaces.  

I just called ASUS (and you're right) they don't make a board with DVI-I.  

Unfortunately, we have over a hundred users with two monitors (VGA only), if we can avoid purchasing video cards we will. We can recycle old video cards but we can expect them to be very reliable (some are 3 to 5 years old). HDMI is really not an option because we would be forced to replace serveral hundred working monitors as well.

you know the motherboard market is going to go more video centric with amd and intel doing built-in cpu in the processor


this could change things

Maybe you can get a motherboard with a displayport

and then use

to use a vga monitor

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Spec out what the cost would be for an additional video card - ordinary video cards are very cheap, and I've seen micro ATX AMD Athlon II motherboards for very low prices.  The total cost may be lower than any specialized, hard-to-find motherboard.
aneuman2930Author Commented:
Thanks for your advice - i will look into the display port and scaling back the motherboards/using a cheaper card.  Thanks again
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