Crystal XI Error code 997 - Crystal Reports Plugin Failed

Using IFS software which uses a "print server" to handle Crystal reports.
Added a 2nd print server for the remote site.
Report works fine on 1st print server.
Crystal report uses a parmeter to trigger report layout A or report layout B (mostly just header and footer differences).
Report works fine on 1st print server for past 4 months.
On second print server, parameter A works, but parameter B does not.
Parameter B returns error "Printjob aborted: IfsPSCrystalReportsPlugin.CRPlugin. StartPrintJob() Crystal reports Plugin failed! Error Text:   Error Code: 997

2 servers (1 per print server service), both Windows 2003 SP2,

Other Crystal reports work on print server 2, so it seems to be limited to this report.
I have copied print server 1 crystal report file from server 1 to server 2.
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What are the differences between the 2 reports?

Looking for formulas, images, etc.


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DiamondPetAuthor Commented:
barcode vs non-barcode part #s.
no report footer vs report footer (standard hard coded field label info)
Is it the same report or do you have 2 reports?

Have you contacted IFS?  I have never heard of a Crystal Plugin and the Crystal site makes no mention of an Error 997

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If I understand correctly, the error is occurring on the report that contains the barcode. Try implementing a formula based barcode that does not rely on plugins or fonts such as
Of course, you will still have to delete the plug-in definition to correct the error.
DiamondPetAuthor Commented:
The solution was in the barcode font file.
The primary print server and secondary both had the  barcode font, but with different date stamps.
After copying primary barcode font file to secondary server, the report is working as intended.
DiamondPetAuthor Commented:
solution found with barcode font files
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