HP Procurve 2324 and vlan

We have Procurve 2324 with a J4853A transceiver module uplinking to another exact one and then uplinking to other switchs throught normal ports.

My question is, can I pass vlan trunks (Tagged packets) throught those switchs or it just won't ?

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DranizzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
According to HP tech support, it will not work.

The packets would be dropped by the switch cause de tag makes the packet sligthly larger than an untagged packet. The switch would think that it's something like a jumbo frame and drop it.

New switches needed then.
tasarturasConnect With a Mentor Commented:

sorry, but HP Procurve 2324 does not support VLAN's

If you are asking if you can build VLANs and Tagged trunks the answer is no.

If you are asking if the switch will pass a packet with tagging information in it then theoretically the answer is yes. As long as the packet has a valid destination address in its header and no errors it will forward it. It would only be useful if the devices sending and receiving the packet can handle tags because the switch would not add or strip one.
DranizzAuthor Commented:
So if i use those 2 switchs as uplinks with the transceiver and than uplink the packet to another switch that handle VLAN tags throught a trunk port, that last switch could than process the tagged packet correctly.

I just don't want the switch 2324 to cut-off the tag while using the transceiver.
Those switches should just pass the packets intact. The only thing they might have an issue with is going to be the max frame size. Since tagging adds 4 bytes to the ethernet frame the largest size a tagging aware device can handle is longer than what these switches will accept as normal. They will probably consider them oversize and throw them away.

You should be able to easily set up a test to confirm this will do what you want.
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