Windows 7 Sleep and Wake

Is is possible to wake the W7 system automatically from sleep mode when other someone to access that PC network resource (like share drive, share printer)?

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No, this is not possible.  At least not without Wake-On-Lan functionality (which has to be built into the hardware, it's not software based), and you'll need to issue a wake-on-lan command to the IP address of the PC you want to wake and wait for it to wake up before you can use it.

There is no way for Windows to wake another computer from sleep, hibernation, power-off by trying to access its network shares or printers.

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yes if your network interface supports wal (wake on lan) this is usually done via a magic packet being sent to the machine via the network mac address although some internet routers allow wal via bind-ip (my draytek does) so my router can wake my pc.
and you can use power options to send it to sleep/hibernate but windows 7 uses hybrid sleep/hibernate by default
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