VLan traffice through a Cisco ASA 5510

I have a Cisco ASA 5510 with a layer three switch with one lan & one vlan, multiple VPN’s and internet access see sketch below.

    sub C   sub D   sub E

      VPN     VPN    VPN    Internet
        |          |         |       |
        |          |         |       |
     |        ASA 5510        |
     |                               |
                    | Lan Sub a
     |    Layer 3 Switch    |
     |                               |
       Vlan sub B

The Vlan is on our layer three switch (Not Cisco) and can communicate between "Lan sub a" and "Vlan sub B",
however I get blocked when trying to send any traffic through the ASA5510's external interface.

What is the correct method for allowing traffic to travel through the Cisco to remote vpn’s and the internet? The debug window shows
the following when I ping a known external address:

Teardown ICMP connection for faddr x.x.x.x/0 gaddr External-1/54992 laddr "vlan sub b"

and if I ping a device on "Sub C" from "Sub B" I get the following:

Build outboud ICMP connections for faddr "Sub C"/0 gaddr "sub b"/512 laddr "sub b"/512
Teardown ICMP connections for faddr "sub c"/0 gaddr "sub b"/512 laddr sub b"/512
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Markus BraunCEOCommented:

a config snippet would help alot,
You need a route to inside for VLAN B
You need to have NAT configured for the tunnel
and you need to allow the traffic

but it looks like a routing issue
If you are able to post the config, it would help, just change the IP's

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MISLtdAuthor Commented:
What information do you require? I am reluctant to dump the whole configuration on a public site .
MISLtdAuthor Commented:
The answer  although correct, took me a while too workout how to implement it.
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