GroupWise 7 - How to change the Reply-To address

I have a GroupWise 7 environment being used for e-mail.  The server is in-house, and the server runs the POA, MTA, GWIA and WebAccess.

A user is attempting to respond to a legal list-serve, and being rejected due to the e-mail address that shows up in her reply-to.

The firm's true address scheme is firstname.lastname@domainname.  Each user is also has an alias that is <first initial><lastname>@domainname.  

I have looked at the GWIA logs, and all outbound mail adopts the alias as the reply to address (or as the sender).  We would like (either in total, or on a per user basis) to be able to define the reply to address as the true address.

Any ideas how to do this?  

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Take a look in ConsoleOne at TOOLS - GROUPWISE SYSTEM OPTIONS - INTERNET ADDRESSING - ADDRESSING FORMATS and see if changing the preferred addressing method would fix it?
tcampbell_ncAuthor Commented:
That wond change it for all users, and not just the single user with the issue.
Does "wond" mean would or won't?

Your question did state that you wanted to change it "either in total, or on a per user basis". Did you just want it changed for a single user?
tcampbell_ncAuthor Commented:

That would change them all.  I have since confered with the company, and they do not want the all changed.  I am wondering if there is a way to change just one user.

There is internet addressing properties for every individual user.  You can define the preferred format on the properties of the PO.  Then on the individual user properties, override the global definition.

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