Windows XP Stuck in Update Restart Loop

I have a windows xp computer stuck in a Windows Update restart loop.  I can use the computer but I keep having to click on Restart Later.  Even if I restart this comes up a few minutes after the system has come back up.
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mprallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
searching results in possible Adobe update issue? long shot but try/read this...
Control Panel>Administrative Tools>System Configuration>Startup
Uncheck Adobe Updater; Restart your computer

or  this...
Boot in safe mode (by pressing the "F8" key before entering Windows)
right click on "My Computer"- properties and go to the "Automatic Updates" and turn them off to see if it will happen again !

Hope that helps !
Have you tried using System Restore to set your system back to an earlier date? It should remove the corrupted update and end the restart loop. You can then run the update again, and hopefully it will work correctly the second time!
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Do a system restore from the day before the update.  That should solve the issue.

Hello, based on your problem I would recommend "Refreshing" your windows update.
To do this you just need to delete the folder reffered to as the DataStore:

This folder can be located here:


(%windir% is typically C:\Windows)

So just find the datastore folder inside the Software Distribution; delete it, then restart you computer and run windows updates.

Quick clearifications:
1.) This will not make you reinstall any updates that have already sucessfully installed and registered
2.) This will not delete any updates

JJMarquartAuthor Commented:
No go.  I deleted the directory above.  Still get this computer needs to be restarted before updated can continue.  I can't restore my system as I have been living with this error for the last few months.   Any other ideas?
Here is a solution using Belarc.  Seems to have worked for this user:

See how you get on and let us know.

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