Find Who's Mailbox is Growing in Exchange 2003

I see my mailbox stores in Exchange 2003 growing in size. I would like to see over a time period which mailboxes are growing in size. Is there a way to get a report to see how much mail a mailboxes uses over a period of time?
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gregurlConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to find the report using one of monitoring tools spiceworks. There was report that list the size and total items for each mailbox. The spiceworks monitoring software is free so that work at well.
Well, I can't think of an automated tool to do it, but you can use excel to leverage this via a few exports.

Right-click the Mailboxes object in Exchange System Manager and then choose Export List.  Then wait a few days, do it again.  Copy it all into excel and do a little math on the rows.
If you're using SBS 2003, then you can view Usage Reports in Monitoring and Reporting. To specify custom dates, click the Create New Report button.
gregurlAuthor Commented:
I am not using SBS2003, but good to know SBS has a reporting tools. The export function could work but I was looking for a more automated solution.
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