Internet time synchronization not working if date is wrong

Hi there, i want to set the auto time synchronize to sync the time on a number of laptops if they go wrong. simple enough to do using the 'internet time' tab in the date and time properties (all windows XP SP2 machines). I changed the server to since the default often times out. however while it works fine for fixing time if it is wrong, it comes back with an error if the date is wrong:

"An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with <server>. For security reasons, Windows cannot synchronize with the server because your date does not match. Please fix the date and try again"

This seems to suggests the 'auto-correct' feature of the date and time only applies to time, but not to date?? This is kinda useless (to me anyway), i wouldnt mind so much time time being out a bit its the date i'm worried about, since i want if a CMOS battery dies, my time will keep up-to-date until i replace the battery... does anyone have an idea if i can get this to auto-sync date as well as time, or do i have to look at some third party product?
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rogermellieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tardis also corrects the time if it is days or years out.  I feel I did answer the question, nobody else bothered, so am surprised I haven't been awarded the massive 50 point bounty ;-)
Strangely the MS internet time setting never gets it right - it's always a second or three out.

I have used this program since the Windows 3.1 version and it works with date as well;

AcornLifeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion roger - however in the meantime i came across another program which does the same thing tardis does by the sounds of things (Atomic TimeSync). It corrects the time even if it is years out, which is exactly what i wanted
AcornLifeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for answering, you're dead right you did give a good answer. Sorry i am just new at this whole expertsxchange malarky. thanks for your feedback :-)
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