OWA through a Cisco 5505

I have a new cisco 5505 and setup OWA internally.  The web page loads fine from an external location but I am having trouble with the smartphones. Does an iphone need anything besides 443 open to use OWA?
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Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
There should be no need for anything else to be open on the firewall for it to work.  I know with some older windows mobile devices you did have to pre-load the certificate not sure if this holds true for the iphone or if it is possible.  Does the page load at all?
Markus BraunCEOCommented:
i have an IPhone hooked up to Exchange
you need nothing else but port 443
And you need EX2007 at least as far as i know

on the iphone:
email: your actual email address
server: the public IP address:port
domain: you local!!! domain - e.g. myserver.local
username: your AD username
password: your domain password
ssl - on - if you use https

on the exchange - active sync must be on (find it under server configuration - client access)

that should do it

serrezeAuthor Commented:
I am upgrading to a 5505 and the old pix does work fine. I was told the public address for the OWA was x.y.z.1 but it turned out to be x.y.z.2 - and the x.y.z.2 is the first public address of 5 available. No problem, I changed the address but then the OWA does not work. I suspect that the management function enabled on the public port conflicted with the 443 for https on that port. I just want to make sure that if I reconfigure the 5505 to allow 443 and nothing else that the smartphone should work. (ie smtp or pop)
Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
well if you recieve inbound mail and your OWA is not on a front end server you will still need 25 open to get mail to the server if i am understanding you right
Markus BraunCEOCommented:
if you have "http server enable" in your config then yes that will conflict PAT
change the http server for the management to another port
http server enable 400

then its port 400 from now on and the PAT will work again
that is if you use the outside interface for your 443 traffic
if you have more IP addresses, you could just another IP instead of the ASA WAN interface
for your incoming traffic and it wont conflict with the http server on port 443

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