Will a Cisco gbic work in a Netgear switch?

I have an older Cisco switch that is coming to end of life.  We are replacing it with a Netgear switch and are hoping to use the same gbics.  Will this work or will I need to buy gbics specifically for Netgear?

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that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep they will be fine. As long as they are the same fiber type you will be good. they do not need to be the same GBIC vendor on both sides.
No the Gbigs that are supported in Cisco devices are Cisco proprietary and only work in Cisco devices. Thats not to say that you could connect it and the Netgear would work with it. You just might get unexpected results.

Its just not support and i personally would not trust it.

jhaysbnsAuthor Commented:
If we use NetGear GBIC's on the Netgear switch will it be OK to connect to cisco's Gbics on the other side of the fiber?
jhaysbnsAuthor Commented:
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