Cisco AP recommendation for a gymnasium environment

I scoping out a wireless AP proposal for a large school, and I'm looking for recommendations as to what type(s) of Cisco AP's (specific models and configuration - bands/internal vs. external antennas, etc.) would be appropriate for a gymnasium (large floor space and very high ceiling).  Let's assume they would require as many as 50 associations at a time.

Thank you!
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I would recommend 1252 AP's with external antennas. I have worked where these were used in a 14m high ceiling as well as 10 meter high ceilings. And I have seen 135 concurrent connections to one of these access points. Although around 95 users, the throughput was still 'ok'

Ideally you would divide the gym up with very directional antennas, and many access points. but for 50 - a couple of hundred associations, I dont think its necessary

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cardsfan73Author Commented:
Thanks for your response - one follow-up, and I'll close it out:

Do you know what kind of density is appropriate for this AP's?  Is it similar to the 2,500 sf/AP (for voice coverage) and 5,000 sf/AP (data only) recommendations?   Also, I'm curious if the height becomes an issue here - with 10-15m ceilings (compared to the typical 10-foot office ceiling), and the resulting lack of reflection, etc., would density need to be higher than normal in the gym?

Thanks again!
Its a very touchy and hard question to answer.

At the end of the day, yes the height has some effect, as they are not in the "perfect" scenario. This is where you can use high gain antennas and physically 'slice' up the room with access points.

Ideally what I would recommend, is depending on the setup, trying to mount access points down lower. Such as under eves or something that way those access points would cover the edges and only leaving roof mounted access points as fail overs and load balancing.

To give you an idea, in the area that is 9.8m high, I have 4 - 5  access points (including ones around the edges) By memory this area is about 2300sqf. That network is for Voice and Data with redundancy.

If you want to be 100% on the high ceiling. Your best getting AirMagnet and doing a site servery. Im pretty sure you can hire airmagnet devices / Somone can come on site and do a servery for you. This will give you some accurate readings of potential signal loss/ noise / throughput levels etc
cardsfan73Author Commented:
Very good - thank you for your help!
No worries, I hope it helped you out
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