Set up QOS for Ringcentral phones on Cisco 2811 Router

We have 7 Cisco 7960 IP Phones. Ringcentral is our remote pbx provider. The phones are using SIP. They use the following Ports

Protocol UDD


We currently have a T-1 Bandwidth 1454 kbps. Provider has given us an ethernet handoff which is connected to FastEthernet0/1. I would like to implement QOS for the 7 phones @ 90kbps / phone which is about 43% of our bandwidth. I have never done this before can someone please help.

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Are the phone on there own VLAN/subnet or do they reside on the same VLAN as the rest of your network?

noricorpAuthor Commented:
They are on the same vlan as the rest of the network.
noricorpAuthor Commented:

Protoctol is UDP not UDD

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here is a QoS policy that will identify SIP traffic going out F0/1 and dedicate all SIP traffic 43% of your total bandwidth. The rest of the bandwidth will be given to all other traffic types.

Keep in mind that 43% of the T1 will be dedicated to SIP traffic, also 25% by default is dedicated to network setup traffic and the rest will be given to all other traffic. So that is only 32% of the T1. If this is fine then you should be good to go.

After applying this run a " show ip nbar resources" to make sure its not chewing up too much of your CPU and memory. You should be fine with a 2811 but just check.

Next run a "show ip nbar protocol-discover" to see a list of all the traffic type being discovered on your network. You are looking to make sure SIP is being discovered.

If all is good then issue a "wr mem" to save your config.

class-map match-any SIP_VOIP
 match protocol SIP

policy-map CORP_QOS
 class SIP_VOIP
  priority percent 43
 class class-default 

int f0/1
 ip nbar protocol-discovery
 service-policy output CORP_QOS

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noricorpAuthor Commented:
Here is the show ip nbar resources

show ip nbar protocol-discover

does it look ok?
Router#show ip nbar resources
NBAR memory usage for tracking Stateful sessions
   System link age      : 30 secs
   Initial memory       : 3589 KBytes
   Max initial memory   : 11966 KBytes
   Memory expansion     : 112 KBytes
   Max memory expansion : 112 KBytes
   Memory in use        : 3589 KBytes
   Max memory allowed   : 23932 KBytes
   Active links         : 135
   Total links          : 32052

Router#show ip nbar protocol-discover


 Last clearing of "show ip nbar protocol-discovery" counters 21:13:50

                            Input                    Output
                            -----                    ------
   Protocol                 Packet Count             Packet Count
                            Byte Count               Byte Count
                            5min Bit Rate (bps)      5min Bit Rate (bps)
                            5min Max Bit Rate (bps)  5min Max Bit Rate (bps)
sip                      5884                     6374
                         1435908                  2082168
                         0                        0
                         32000                    33000

Open in new window

yep at the bottom you can see packets for sip. you will see this number going up.

your resources look good as well. I would monitor this during busy or peak hours to insure you are good. But like I said your 2811 should handle this fine.

noricorpAuthor Commented:
Great help and very fast! Easy solution.
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