Project Server 2007: login as someone else

We are trying to do some testing in our Project Server 2007 QA environment and would like to be able to login as another user so we can see what they would see.  

How do you do this?
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Dr. Thomas HenkelmannConnect With a Mentor Director Consulting ServicesCommented:

as Projectserver supports two different authentication methods there are two very different ways to achieve this:
- Windows authentication: in the user administration you set different windows accounts (DOMAIN\USER) for the users. To logon with their account from Project Web Access you click in the upper right corner of the window on "Welcome <your user name>" and select "Sign in as Different User". Then supply the credentials and you are logged on with the other user
- Forms authentication: this needs some more steps as you need to add forms authenticated user name/password combinations to the SharePoint configuration, then add an additional security provider to Projectserver that works on a different port than 80. Finally you'll see a logon page where you enter username and password for a forms authenticated user


Patrick_AndersonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Thomas.  We'll give it a try and get back.
Patrick_AndersonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.  
We use Windows Authentication so we can't "Sign in as Different User" because we don't know the other users' password (that goes against our security policies).  Forms Authentication would work except would have to get our SharePoint administrators and our DBA's involved to set that up and, to be honest, it's not work the effort to us.  
We've decided just to change our individual security profiles to match the profiles of the team members we're testing with.  That shouid give us the same results.  
Patrick_AndersonAuthor Commented:
Even though we decided as a team not to implement this solution, it works.
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