Blackberry 9700 on BES server showing unopened messages

I have a Blackberry 9700, Enterprised Activate (BES/Domino) that always show 2 unopened messages. I have done the search: all services, all unopended - it found missed calls that when opened indicated "opened"; deleted them for good measure; however, the BB still shows "unopened"; I have google searched to no avail.
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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, open Messages and press the letter U to jump to any unread items.  If none are in the Messages folder go to the Applications folder and repeat this process in Saved Messages.
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
IIRC there are 2 welcome messages did you delete those? they would be lowest in the list.
trainer_arwAuthor Commented:
when I searched, I searched for "All Services", "All unread" and deleted everything - mainly missed calls
Have you had a look in your saved messages?
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