Configuring Email Signatures for Mail-Enabled Public Folders in Exchange Server 2007

I would like to know if it is possible to configure signatures and disclaimers natively within the Exchange Server 2007 Management Console.  I have had a look at using the Hub Transport Rules since it is possible to append a disclaimer here for a given set of conditions, however the text is placed at the very bottom of the email.  If a message is replied to then I require the text to appear at the end of the reply and not after the original message.  If possible I would like to try and avoid using third-party software to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.
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It is not possible to do this at the server level.  The reason is that when Exchange gets a message, it sees the message body (which has the most recent reply and all replies before it) as one big blob of text.  It does not know were the most recent reply ends so it cannot put the disclaimer there.  Given that, it puts it at the end.

There is a way to do this using Signature files at the outlook level. Here's how to do it:
caratechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment, however after looking at the functionality of Outlook 2007 in more detail I have discovered that it is possible to have multiple signatures configured for a single exchange email account.  This allows me to reply to emails sent to mail-enabled public folders (for example sales@, marketing@, support@) with an appropriate signature other than my own.

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