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Adding a 3rd Dell PowerConnect Switch via fiber

I currently have 2 Dell powerconnect 6248 Switches and they are in a stack. these were setup previously to me so I am unfamiliar on how they work. I can access them via the web browser at IP and from there I can select Unit 1 or 2.

Anyways I need to add a 3rd but this time I can not use the XG ports on the read to stack it. I need to use the SFP ports and use a Fiber Optic cable as it is for an expansion on the other side of the building. The cable is only 30m so it should not be a problem there. I just need to know what steps to take to add the 3rd switch.

I see in the management console that I can go to stacking and add. From there I can select the model of the switch. Do I need to do anything else to this new switch to prep it?

The switches are not setup with anything fancy, just switching. There is no Vlans, routing or anything like that setup on them, just over-glorified hubs.
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I don't know the stacking mechanism used on those Dells but generally stacks are built with units adjacent to each other. Since it is in another building I would configure an unused IP address on it and manage it as a separate switch.
tundraoilAuthor Commented:
Ok, in that solution is there anything I need to do to the switches so that they talk to each other over the fiber, or just plug them in?
If you are set up with all of the defaults as you mentioned you should be able to just connect them up.
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