WSS Unique Incremental ID

We have a single list within a WSS site. What we need is a unique icremental ID to be generated each time a new list item is created. The ID number can have no gaps and can never change once created. We tried using the ID field which works great until someone updates a list item and then the ID also updates and there is a gap where the old ID was. We also tried doing some creative stuff with create date and calculated fields, but nothing has worked so far.

We are operating in a locked down environment, no code and no workflows. I found a few code based solutions, and a workflow based solution but as said we cannot use either.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this? Is it even possible?
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Without doing some custom this is going to be extremely difficult. There is nothing out of the box that would allow this.

Corasworks announced a free unique ID product for SharePoint. But this will require you to install something.

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SeditioAuthor Commented:
The solution required a third party application which I couldn't use within our environment.
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