Outlook 2007 Calendar (w/ Custom Fields) Export to Excel 2007?

I've created a custom Outlook 2007 Appointment which has some custom fields to track things like Clients, and Visit Types, etc.  I need to get this appointment information into Excel.  I've been looking at a couple different options but I am really stuck now.

The first option was to just do a simple export within Outlook to an Excel file.  This won't work because the default export from Outlook will not allow me to include custom appointment information.

The next option seemed simple, but has a small issue.  I created a custom Outlook Calendar view which is table based, and has fields setup for my custom fields.  This 'almost' works.  The problem is that when I copy the calendar appointments (Highlight --> Ctrl+C) and paste them into Excel the carriage returns in my Outlook "Message" field cause the message to span multiple cells, rather than keep the message field in a single cell.

I've been researching using vb scripting to handle the export and import, but when it comes to vb scripting I am as green as they come.

Any suggestions on the best route I should take to accomplish this?  If the best route is utilizing vba please take my severe lack of skills into consideration (we're talking dumbing down to almost hand puppet terms).
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Helen FeddemaCommented:
This can be done with Automation code.  I have a code sample that illustrates exporting Outlook calendar data to Excel -- you can download it using the link below.  It was done for Office 97 and Office 2000, but I think the Office 2000 code should also work with Office 2007.  Try it and let me know if you have any problems.


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ccinfosysAuthor Commented:

Thanks so much.  I think I am on the right track now.  I was able to get the script to run.  I had to add a registry key to define the defualt document location, but after that things went fine.  I was also able to edit the script a bit to include the appointment body, rather than the appointment subject by changing the script to:

lngASCII = lngASCII + 1
strASCII = Chr(lngASCII)
strRange = strASCII & CStr(i)
Set objRange = objExcelSheet.Range(strRange)
If itm.Body <> "" Then objRange.Value = itm.Body

So I think I am getting a hang of it.

However, I'd like to include a few custom fields in the calendar export.

For example, I have a custom Outlook Appointment form which includes a field for Client and Department.  

How do I reference the custom form objects I've created?

Thanks again!!!  So close!!!
ccinfosysAuthor Commented:
Scratch that!  All sorted out.

Thanks again for all your help!  Everything works perfectly!
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