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On one of the two servers in my farm, users are complaining they are getting a popup.  It is the one in the screenshot in this article here:  It says "The client has experienced a problem with the connection to the server."  My users all connect using the web client.  They are saying this popup keeps appearing and then goes away and it is very annoying.  They are not complaining about any performance issues or problems... Just the popup.  Anyone know how I can disable this popup?  I have no idea why it is happening.  It is happening across three offices on three different T1s so it is nothing to do with connection speed.  I reboot the server every night and maybe once a week throughout the day I get complaints about this popup.  Some days I dont have it at all.  Thank you for your suggestions.
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Lengthen the Session Reliability timeout.

mattpayne59Author Commented:
This doesnt make any sense.  They are working and having no problems as they work and then get this popup.  I also have no easy way to deploy a registry key to all of the clients.  Why would something be timing out without them noticing any slowdowns or anything?
Carl WebsterCommented:
You could just change the timeout on the web interface site itself and just see if it makes any difference.
mattpayne59Author Commented:
I am looking at all of this and it is talking about port 2598.  Do I have to have this port open on my firewall pointing to my web/gateway server?  Maybe it is trying to use session reliability and cant use that port and that is causing the popup?  Does that make any sense at all?

If not, I have no idea where I can change the timeout on the web interface site.
Carl WebsterCommented:
TCP Port 2598 is used by session reliability.  If SR is not used, then TCP Port 1494 is used by ICA.

From the admin guide:

By default, Session Reliability is enabled at the server farm level. You can
customize the settings for this feature from the server farm’s Properties page in
the Access Management Console and modifying the Session Reliability settings
as appropriate. You can edit the port on which XenApp listens for session
reliability traffic and edit the amount of time Session Reliability keeps an
interrupted session connected.

The Seconds to keep sessions active option has a default of 180 seconds, or three
minutes. Though you can extend the amount of time Session Reliability keeps a
session open, this feature is designed to be convenient to the user and it does not,
therefore, prompt the user for reauthentication. If you extend the amount of time a
session is kept open indiscriminately, chances increase that a user may get
distracted and walk away from the client device, potentially leaving the session
accessible to unauthorized users.

Note: You can use Session Reliability in conjunction with Secure Sockets
Layer (SSL).

If you do not want users to be able to reconnect to interrupted sessions without
having to reauthenticate, use the Auto Client Reconnect feature. You can
configure Auto Client Reconnect to prompt users to reauthenticate when
reconnecting to interrupted sessions.

If you use both Session Reliability and Auto Client Reconnect, the two features
work in sequence. Session Reliability closes, or disconnects, the user session after
the amount of time you specify in Seconds to keep sessions active. After that,
the settings you configure for Auto Client Reconnect take effect, attempting to
reconnect the user to the disconnected session.

Important: If the Session Reliability feature is enabled, the default port used
for session communication changes from 1494 to 2598.

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