Insert (sql) dataview record id to a Sharepoint list

I have a list of matches that return from my data view (via a SQL query).  I want to be able to click one of the items, and then have this add that item (just the record id) to a Sharepoint list.  How can I do this?

I was thinking that I could format the record id as a hyperlink and send it as a query string variable, but I don't know the best way to catch it and insert it to a Sharepoint list.  Thanks.
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ardukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you are heading along the right lines with a link that will load a page that will add it to the list.

If you create a custom web page, or an application page that will reside within Sharepoint, you could have that page use the Sharepoint object model (see sample at, this page would need to run on the sharepoint server) or the sharepoint web services ( has a sample) to add the item to a list.
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
I'll look at this.  I haven't forgotten this post, I just have been occupied.
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