How to stop emails going into spam folders

We have a problem where customers are enquiring for information on our website and a lot of the time, when we send the info it just ends up in spam folders. So I have two questions:

1/. What methods can we do to ensure that as few emails go to spam folders as possible?

2/. I have seen a lot of websites put messages up like this: which tells the user how to add an email to a safe sender list. This is very complex for the laymen internet user - Is there anyway to auto generate a link which they could just click which would automatically do the process for them?

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jlg89Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There's only so much you can do. Configuring your mailserver with SPF and DKIM information (see links below) will usually lower the spam score of emails from your domain, and will definitely help, but you'll never be able to fully overcome the limitations of overbearing client-side spam filtering. Unfortunately, Microsoft email clients tend to be the worst offenders in the "false positive" filtering by default.
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