2003 SBS Server can ping itself but no others

We just took over an SBS server that is severly out of date regarding available updates.  It's NOS is 2003 SBS Server ( running a three HDD RAID 5 configuration and performing DHCP for 45 XP Pro clients.  The 2003 SBS server performs file server and Exchange application duties for this network of 45 clients.  

Last Friday, two of three drives (Slot 1 and 2) in the RAID 5 configuration went offline.  This business uses a number of Internet based applications, so in order to keep the 45 XP Pro clients working while we resolved the problem with the RAID system, we took the IP address assigned to each XP Pro client via the 2003 SBS DHCP and reassigned the same IP staticly to each client and changed DNS1 to and DNS2 to, remained as the GW; however, we left the XP Pro machines logged into the Domain - even though the Domain was technically down.  The XP Pro machines worked with this scenario and continue to work at this moment.  

We confirmed nothing was wrong with the HDD media in slots 1 and 2 and then forced slot 2 back online through the PERC controller software and rebooted the server.  The server came back up.  The HDD in slot 1 had been offline for several months so we forced it back online after the reboot and then told the PERC software to rebulb the HDD in slot 1.  This morning the rebuild was complete and we ran Dell Diagnostic 2.15.0 on the system and everything came back good.

Then we went to a workstation and flipped it back to DHCP and no go. We ran ipconfig /flush DNS on the workstation, still no go.  On all workstations (still using IPs) we can ping .251 and other workstation BUT we cannot ping .95 (the SBS server).  From the SBS server we can ping .95 (itself) but nothing else.   We can't get to the Internet from the SBS server.  
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To go back to first principles, are you sure the network adapter isn't showing 'cable unplugged'? You didn't disable the network adapter to avoid issues when the problem first arose and forgot to re-enable? The sysmptoms you describe seem to indicate a lack of network connectivity.
have u tried running internet configuration wizard?
If not, do run that and update the results
voipguyAuthor Commented:
I have checked the NIC and I have have run the Internet Connectin Wizrd.....
voipguyAuthor Commented:
I found the solution to this problem.  It's related to a fix in a future update error of a update not yet applied to this server.  The update error was corrected not by uninstalling the update (which I've not had a chance to apply to begin with) but in making an adjustment to the registry as mentioned in this blog:


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voipguyAuthor Commented:
I made the changes prescribed in the technet blog adove and resolved the blocked server problem.
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