How to Pass parameters dynamically to SSIS package

Hi Folks,
Here is the scenario: By executing SP i want load the results into flatfile
but the SP is having 2 input parameters
how can i pass the parameters dynamically to this SSIS package so that i can collect the results into flatfile.

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Reza RadCommented:
use package variables,
add two variables , set datatypes,
use them in your sql statement, like this:
execute yoursp ?,?
then click on parameters button, and set parameters.
2575069Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply reza.
We are planning to put this SSIS package in a SP & define parameters to SP
Do you have any idea how can i pass SP parameters to SSIS pckage

Reza RadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use DTEXEC for run the package from SP,
and you can set your sp parameters to package variables with this syntax:

dtexec /f mypackage.dtsx /set \package.variables[myvariable].Value;myvalue

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