Best Laser MFC + Photo printing

Hi, I have a client that prints mostly text, and a 4x6 photo once a week.

I'm looking for the best MFC printer/copier/fax/scanner w/ network and USB support for a Vista Ultimate computer.

I really really don't like HP because of their software. I find it to be a bloated abomination.

Anyone have any recommendations? Is it possible to get a laser printer that will do this or should we get a Laser MFC and a separate photo printer?

Budget is $500-$1000.


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netflow-itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In my opinion separate both. For 4*6 photo printing look for epson solutions, for true network scanning you need upper class hp mfc, starting from 2k euro, everything below this pretends to be a network scanner, but actually isn't. It needs software running on a client pc, and fails most of the time.

Network scanning is very difficult and not possible in your budget.

Good luck, and please prove me wrong !
Mike73059Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply. I've had good success using Brother MFC's, the 9000 series, but I've only used them with Macintosh computers, and was wondering how good their software was for PC.

Also, yes, I was looking at the Epson printers but I didn't see anything I have experience with, and I didn't feel comfortable recomennding something I haven't used (or is recommended on EE.)
I agree with netflow-it: you need both

Laser printers are not good photo printers. For photos, get either an inkjet or a dye-sub printer. Of course, both of those will print photos at 5 times the cost in a commercial photo lab, or more.

For lasers, my preference goes to Xerox for image quality and performance. The Phaser 8180MFP/N will do what you want. It will print & scan over the network. Ignore the USB connection. For printers, a network connection will save you lots of trouble in the long run. See:

For inkjets, Epson do a very good job, and there are heaps of models to pick from.
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