Can't append one column in MS Access link table

I just added a field (EmployeeID) to an encrypted table in SQL server 2005.  Then I linked that table to a MS Access application.  

The issue is that when I append records via the linked table, all the other fields are getting populated except the EmployeeID field I just added.  

If I do a copy and paste of an entire record, the field doesn't get populated.  But if I specifically enter a value in the field, it keeps the values.

What could explain this strange behavior?
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I have to ask: Have you altered your INSERT INTO statement to include the new EmployeeID field?
I do not see the encrypted table or its linked table status in Access as issues.
Máté FarkasDatabase Developer and AdministratorCommented:
This is a general problem in Access. If you link a table from SQL Server via ODBC. The schema modifications on the SQL Server will not syncronized to the linked table structure in Access.
You shold refresh this linked table in the linked table manager or delete and re-link the table again.
yvrogerAuthor Commented:
To Lee555J5: I did not have to.  I am selecting ALL records from source table
INSERT INTO TableDest SELECT * FROM  TableSource

To Agux3e: I have refreshed the link from the link manager but that has not resolved the issue.
yvrogerAuthor Commented:
The issue was with the set up of the EmployeeID field itself in the SQL Server database.  because it wasn't done in accordance to the encryption rules, it would not function properly.
Thanks for all your prompt feedback though.

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