citrix xenapp/TS user profiles

When users launch an application it takes more than 4min. to launch. once an application is open, other applications launch fine.
User profiles are not saving thier settings and when users logoff of the ctx servers thier profiles are not copied back to the file server
1. Logon
xcopy "\\FPS\USERS$\%username%\officeqat\*.*" "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\" /y /h
log off
xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\*.*" "\\fps\users$\%username%\officeqat\" /y /h

-ive checked the permissions on my TSprofile folder and user$ folder
users have full rights & ownership

I'm drawing a blank on what other permissions or settings that could be causing this.
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syoderConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
we are using roaming profiles / on our fileserver on the D: we have Profiles$ and users$ in ADUC on the profile tab, i have (\\sername\users$\damid1) - for home folder
the consultants created the script becuase when the users were logging out thier office settings were not saving.

Setup - we log into a sharepoint site and that is were the published icons are. users click on the icons and it launches the application. we use scriptlogic's Desktop Authority to map users local drives and a few other items, but once they launch an application thru the portal, on our terminal server / win2003 we have a bat file that bypasses scriptlogic and runs the kix scripts
Have you tried using roaming profiles, and re-directing the profile store location to the file server?  I'm not quite sure what your reasoning is for using the xcopy script to copy these files and settings every time to the local machine, it seems like roaming profiles would accomplish what you are trying to achieve here.  

Depending on the amount of data that you are copying back and forth from the profiles, this is likely causing the slow logon times, especially outlook files, they can quickly get fairly large.  As for the settings not transferring, some of these files could possibly be still in use when the logoff script executes.

Let me know if there is a reason that you are scripting this and not using roaming profiles.

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