Exchange IMAP - Purge Items marked for Deletion Automatically

I am having an issue with Exchange / IMAP / iPhone.  I have is with an Email account which I connect to from 2 devices, one device is a computer (where I connect to this Email account via exchange), the other device is an iPhone where I connect to the Email Account via IMAP.

The issue I am having is that when I delete items via the iPhone (over IMAP), it marks the items for deletion (as would be expected over IMAP implementation).  The iPhone hides the items marked for deleted so you don't have to see them.  The issue comes in when I then later log onto the same Email account on a computer where I am connected to that Email account direct through Exchange.  

Because the iPhone does NOT actually PURGE the items when you delete them, the items still show up in the email account when I view them through Outlook 2007 connected through exchange!  This is really annoying because I have to essentially do twice the work, and delete items in both places.  (If I delete from Outlook first, it will delete from iPhone, however, not the other way around).

Some notes about this:
1)  I have already tried the iPhone setting to Automatically delete items once per day, and this doesn't work for me.  I noticed online that a few users say it works for the, but many users say it doesn't work for them.  May have to do with the IMAP server / iPhone implementation.
2)  I cannot connect to this account on iPhone via exchange.  This would be the obvious solution but I already have a primary account on the iPhone setup through exchange, so this one has to be setup over IMAP.
3)  I know that if I manually login to this Email Account using a PC IMAP client, it will give me some options to manually purge all items marked for deletion, but this adds an extra manual step that I would prefer to not deal with.

So my question is, does Exchange Server 2007 offer some method of AUTOMATICALLY purging items marked for deletion?  Can this be done for only specific Email Accounts (this is the only Email Account which is accessed over IMAP)?  If not, is there a service or software out there that would interface with Exchange to do this?

Please help, this is a pain in the but, and mostly Apple's fault for not providing the support for this through their client (just like every other email client out there does).
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JohnyStyles577Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yea, I saw that.  It's about time!  And Multi-tasking as well.  I can deal with IMAP how it is for a few more months.  Glad I didn't drop a couple hundred on some software solution for this only to find out about the new iPhone release.
This doesn't answer your particular question, unfortunately, but the new iPhone OS (coming this summer) will support more than one Exchange email account.
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