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XP System Disk Failing - Is first of Dual Boot w/Vista - How do I Boot Vista and Throw Away XP

How can I Remove an XP Drive that is the Base Drive of a Dual Boot System with Vista on a Second Drive - but the Boot Info for Vista is on the XP (first) drive.
The drive is failing but still allows me to boot Vista off the second drive, probably because all that's important on the system drive is the Vista stuff that used to be in XP's Boot.ini)
2 Solutions
Copy these files from the root of the bad drive to the good one --


In the BOOT.INI file, you will have to change the lines involving these commands --

default=multi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS (or wherever your vista OS is located)

to this --  default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS

You see that drive (1) in the original configuration (second drive) now becomes drive(0) first drive.

Then you will have to remove the bad drive, jumper the good one as master and reboot with your VISTA DVD in the drive, and do a repair.
The reason for the "repair" above is to change the BOOTSECT.WXP and vista files to match the size and sector arrangement of the new drive.  On the old drive, it is set for the capacity of the old, not new drive.

Since you are using different drives, it might work fine without the repair from the DVD.  There are also 3rd party utilities that will automatically change the BOOTSECT.WXP or Vista file for you.  But the DVD will too.
A dual boot with XP and Vista doesn't even use the XP bootloader of boot.ini, ntldr, etc.  Vista has a new bootloader that replaces that of XP.  It is described on the following page.  As the article describes, the Windows-provided editor of the Boot Configuration Data is called BCDedit, and it is NOT very intuitive.  Also, as the article recommends, I suggest you replace it with the free program called VistaBootPro (which now has been renamed to DualBootPro bcause it also supports dual booting with Windows 7), and this will make it much easier to do what you want (remove XP and leave only Vista.)

Vista Hands On #5: Edit boot menus and more

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You need to remove Windows XP and then make repair of Vista via Vista boot DVD.
Hi noxcho!

I agree. this will resolve his problem.
btcarneyAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the suggestions - and I expect I will attempt the basic idea of removing the bad drive, booting Vista DVD, repairing the Vista install it finds on the remaining PC. Meanwhile - I was able to sucessfully NortonGhost the first drive, after several failed attempts - by doing a thorough CHKDSK on the drive with instructions to repair. Since I want first to get back to work, I will defer attempting any of the suggested solutions until I can get a new drive to NGhost my second, Vista drive before attempting the repair of that drive. I'll do this over the weekend.
After I do the Repair, if it works, I'll deal with the points award. If it doesn't, I'll try DualBoot and then deal with the points award.
btcarney, any feedback?

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