Message journaling causes messages to queue up on the frontend exchange 2003 server

We are running exchange 2003 in a front/backend server configuration and when we enable message journaling on our message stores, all external email queues up in the “Messages awaiting directory lookup” queue on the front-end server.  We need to enable journaling for our message archiving solution.  Both our exchange server (frontend and backend) are on Windows 2003 server and have all the update for windows and exchange installed.  
One article on experts-exchange mentions that we need to create a and mount a message store on the frontend server in order for the external messages to be delivered:

If so, do the journaling mailboxes also have to reside on this store on the front-end server?  This seems to go against the idea of a frontend server where no email is actually stored on the server.
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Jamie McKillopConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:

That is correct, you will need to have a mailbox store mounted on your front-end server. This store should not contain any mailboxes, including your journal mailbox. Your journal mailbox should reside in its own separate store on the mailbox server. On an Exchange 2003 server, never enable journaling on the store that contains the journal mailbox.

zoosysopAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help
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