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How to make RDP 6.1 prompt for user name and password before connecting to server

RDP 6.0 prmpts for a user name and password before logging on to the remote desktop or server.  I need rdp 6.1 to behave the same way.  My terminal server load balancer relies on getting the credentials to see if someone has a disconnected session.  RDP 6.1 just goes right to the terminal server because the load balancer see no credentials to determine if the user has a session already.  Saving credentials is not an option because users connect from thin clients that are shared and use the same icon, so please don't point that out to me.  I also don't want to use NLB.  Pleas keep replies strictly to making rdp 6.1 act like 6.0.

 I currently thinapp rdp 6.0 as a workaround.
1 Solution
I believe there is a setting on the server that will require the credentials to be entered every time, despite what the user has filled out in the RDP connection.  This is probably in Terminal Services manager, can an expert confirm that?

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