Locked out of SBS2008 64Bit Server - Passware Isn't working

Alright, Don't give me too much grief over this as I have been at this for a couple days now and have spoke with everyone I know and everyone else I didn't know including HP and Microsoft.

Somehow the password expiring policy got turned on and modified after 6 months of no one/nothing being done administratively to the server.

Aside from the, the (3) Administrative accounts somehow got their password changed and/or expired and/or locked out w/o the server stating as such.

This is an HP Proliant 160DL G6, as mentioned before Running SBS 2008 64Bit, Hard Drives are 500GB Running on HP Smart Array B110i/6i controller in RAID 1 configuration.

The Drives themselves seem to be ok, can boot into AD Restore and access locally.

Transferred off all th data, including exchange from the drives, no problem and we are working off Network Attached Storage.

Attempted to use Passware Enterprise and between getting a configuration that would even see the drives/installation and attempt to "change the domain administrator password" it makes a backup of the AD, completes and blurts out something and then blue screens....

Essentially not getting to the point to allow the actual password changing.

Worked with Passware for 1.5 days on this and they are stumped.

HP & Microsoft was stumped as to what happened here (knowing full well NO ONE changed the passwords on these accounts)

This also disabled the backup procedure for a number of days, and no one caught that (will be updating settings and notification methods and what not).

After trying to break into the server and failing I am looking at reinstalling SBS2008.

I thought I would give it one last shot here to see if you guys could help me out before I made that last step.

I've never tried to re-install SBS208 and don't really know what is ahead of me here and from what I've been gathering it doesn't look like it would be ANYTHING like it was with 2000/2003 and as far as HP states, they need a reformat in order to reinstall.

So this is a double whammy, can I get into this installation before reinstalling, and if I have to reinstall do I have to wipe/format?

Thx in advance
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Hmmm.....very strange indeed. I've seen this happen when someone changes the gpo and turns on disable account after typing in the wrong password so many times even for the administrator, which isn't by design.
Here is a link provided in another post by RobWill that should work.
See what you think about this, I hope it will help.
Oops, this is the one for server 2008 which should work on SBS 2008
alpine_1Author Commented:
ConchCrawl, Thanks for the input, I have seen that approach that you mentioned before.  I have tried it a couple times, and it hasn't worked for me before and Honestly I didn't even bother with it being 2008 and/or SBS 2008.

I have since given in and reinstalled.

Thanks again!

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Sorry to here that, wish I could've been of more help.
Here is another option that will allow remote changing of password from sysinternals


  Good luck
Hi, sfos haven't seen this one before and like sysinternals, does it really work on domain servers like sbs and server 2008?
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