Can't Browse any shares on a Windows 7 Machine from XP machines

I have a Win7 Ultimate 64-bit Machine.

I have 2 XP Pro boxes that cannot browse the Win7 box at all.

This is worked previously with no problems, but now I cannot.

I get "can't access resource , you may not have permissions"

Any ideas?? I haven't messed with Win7 much yet and this is the first problem I have had like this with Win7.

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Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
Check in theNetwork Center and be sure your internal network is defined as Private/Home network
In  windows 7 you have to enable the ability to access from the network.  I don't remember exactly where it is on the system and I'm not sitting in front of my win7 machine atm.  If sharing is enabled check software firewalls.  on the machine then check any other firewalls that you have.  If all that checks out try a simple ping from the XP workstations to the win7 machine.  report back your results.
truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
ping works fine.

No firewalls installed other than windows.  Even tried turned windows firewall off.

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what about the sharing did you check the to ensure that sharing is turned on.  Like i said there are several levels different places you need to turn on sharing in windows 7 not just right click on the folder and choose sharing as in windows xp.

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truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
File and print sharing is turned on
Public Folder Sharing is On
File Sharing for 40 or 56 bit encryption is on.
Password protected file sharing is off.

Network is set as Home Network also.

truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
Not sure what fixed it, but turned some options off and back on and restarted and now the file sharing is working again.
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