Virtual servers keep restarting

We have a server as an esx host with vshpere 4.0. It contains 3 virtualised servers....two linux servers and one windows 2008 server.

For the second time in 6 weeks, I came in to find all the virtual servers powered off...though the host was fine.

I have restarted the virtualised servers again. My question is why is this happening???

Have I installed the vsphere 4.0 incorrectly? All I did was do the default install.

In /var/log/messages I could not find anything that said the esx host had itself restarted (which I thought would have been a reason why the VM's themselves were off)

In messages I see literally hundreds of the following errors:

 storelib-GetLDList-ProcessLibCommandCall failed; rval = 0x800E
Mar 21 01:54:05 localhost sfcb[4118]: Volume Cannot get logical disk data from controller 1

Is this a critical error?

Can anyone advise me how to source the probleM?
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Is your VMware host connected to any external storage such as NFS or iSCSI?  If storage is external, the reason why your VMs may be powering down is because of bad connectivity to the external storage.  The second VMware loses connectivity to the storage device holding the VM files, it will cause the VM to crash and/or power down.

Or is storage all locally on the server?
Network_PadawanAuthor Commented:
Hi no its local storage.
Have you tried running diagnostics on your server?  Specifically target your RAID controller and hard disks to see if there are any issues.  I know Dell PowerEdge servers have a built-in diagnostics tool upon POST or you can typically load them from the System Configuration CD/DVD provided.

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Network_PadawanAuthor Commented:
The problem has not come back after a few weeks. Will continue to monitor and if it happens again will run post diagnostics.
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