MS Exchange Mailbox store will not mount correctly

I have Client running windows SBS and exchange 2003 here is the problem:

Received a call that email was done, remote into the server and checked exchange IS service which was running. opened exchange system monitor and found the the mailbox store dismounted. mounted it and email started working fine. an hour later same call again ran the same drill only this time when attempting to mount the store I receive this error in the event viewer:

The MAPI call 'openMsgStore' failed with the following error:
the attempt to log on to the Microsoft exchange server computer
has failed,
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0512000000000

I ran ISINTEG.exe and it came back with 291 errors
I ran ISINTEG.exe -fix and completed with 0 errors , 291 fixes

attemp to mount store with same failure

There was also a an event earlier in the day that referrenced to the pri.ebd was a the max size 16gb, i added to the "Database Size Limit in Gb" and set it to 32gb. but I still see this error as well.
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Also, if the store is corrupt, then you will need to repair, defragment and then run isinteg (at least twice until 0 errors and 0 fixes is displayed).
eseutil /p (repair)
eseutil /d (defragment)
isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Is Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 Installed - if not, then the DB limit won't increase: 
Natech-solutionsAuthor Commented:

thanks for the quick response, I did not use the above order so I will try it.

Thanks again.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
No probs - check SP2 is installed to.
Natech-solutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks alanhardisty
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