ruby on rails error: restful authentication

i'm trying to password protect my app by using restful authentication found on github here:

when i get go to i get the login screen correctly. If I try entering a username and password I'm sent to /session and given the following error: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in SessionsController#create

Mysql::Error: Table 'music_library_development.users' doesn't exist: SHOW FIELDS FROM `users`

any ideas?

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cminearConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on the error, it would look like you have not created and populated the 'users' table in the database, because ""music_library_development.users' doesn't exist".  Did you create a migration file to create the 'users' table?  Did you run it ('rake db:migrate')?  Did you run it against the right database (production vs. development; I would guess you are currently running against the development database)?  Or if you manually created the database table, again did you do it for the correct database --- production vs. development?
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