Does anyone know of any other webservices that return sunset times?

I'm already aware of the following:
This is a good one and does what we need but we will likely exceed their usage restrictions
this just gives the sunset time for the current day ...
this is where yahoo gets their data.  They provide the needed for up to 5 days ahead which is great.  But they want 5 promotional links with each call ...

Are there any others out there?
afactsNetwork EngineerAsked:
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One more thing if you can't find a web API that goes more than 5 days in advance there must still be another method you could implement with the algorithm using the lat/long etc.. Just not web based.

Can't this be calculated for hundreds of years in advanced? I know that astronomy tools like Starry Night do this also.
afactsNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks ... I found a page that has a pretty simple calculation for this that I'm likely going to use in place of a webservice:
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