Rebuild VMM Server Procedure

Our current VMM server (2008 R2) is on 2008 SP1 64 bit and would like to rebuild it to run 2008 R2. The DB is on a remote 64 bit SQL server.  I know I can mearly upgrade the VMM server but am not a fan of upgrades. I am thinking of rebuilding, install VMM R2, point to the DB and hook the Libraries back up which is on a SAN should work fine but wanted to see if anyone has any real experience with this before I begin. Any gotchya's etc..

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Encrypted1024Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I tried a similatr procedure and ran into a number of issues. I tried an inplace upgrade to Server 2008 R2 which left VMM unusable. Then I tried to restore the DB to a new VMM Server but couldn't seem to get the config back.

I ended up rebuilding my VMM Farm from scratch but it is worth it. Having VMM 2008 R2 and Windows 2008 R2 is a great combo. Way faster an far more features.
rparsons1000Author Commented:
Rebuilding from scratch, did you uninstall the Host agents, build the new server, then re-install the agents?
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