SAN Volumes Unknow/Unreadable

Hello experts. I am trying to figure out what I can do to remedy an issue I have ran into.

My current scenario is that I have 8 new servers which will be clustered in pairs. I have installed Windows 2003 Enterprise R@ and fully patched. I have locally attached storage for the OS, and for the qourum I have an Hp MSA 2012 FC dual-controller SAN.

I currently have two servers which are identical in specs and I want to cluster them. I have enabled the volume on the MSA which can be seen by both nodes individually.

I then turn off node 2 and turn on node 1. I configured the proper information accoridng to:

Clustering is working and active on node one. I then turn on node two and when it tries to see the Q Drive: (quorum SAN drive), it displays as Unknown/Unreadable. So, I am not able to add node 2 to the cluster the cluster admin sees the Q: is not accessible on node two.

The odd thing is, if I turn off node one and rescan the drives on node two I can instantly gain access to the volume on the MSA. As sson as I start back node one, node one connects to the MSA volume and two loses connection again with the drive stating unknown/unreadable again.

I initialized and formatted this volume on node one as a basic disk, so there shouldn't be any issues with dynamic disks etc. I basically followed the "letter of the law" according to the doc I posted above when configuring the servers, clustering, etc. The doc mentioned above mentions that once mode one is configured, i should leave it on and because clusterig is enabled the disk will not become corrupt. Indeed, I do not think it is corrupt as clustering seems to be working fine on node one.

I can duplicate this scenario on every pair of the 8 servers that I want to cluster. I am at a lose as to what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.
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swcrookAuthor Commented:
I have figured out the first issue, but now I have another problem.
I need to install SQL in a clustering environment, but only one of the two nodes has access to the drives at one other words, active/passive at the OS level.
Can anyone guide me to how to make the OS host nodes run in an active/active state so that both servers can see the drives at the same time?
As to the article: as far as I know, it is recommended to install the SQL instance on a passive/active cluster, but it can be done on an active/active.
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swcrookAuthor Commented:
The issue I am seeing though is that when i am installing sql 2005 on the cluster, and choose to install to the other node (only one selectable), it tells me that drive E:\ is not available on the remote machine. Well, E is on node onw where I am installing SQL to start with, and node two cant see E while node one can. I can move the drive to node two but then node one cant install SQL locally.
Headache anyone? lol
Jim P.Commented:
A  SQL Instance can only be active on one node of a cluster at a time. In other MyVirtualServer\MyAcctgInst will be up and running on NodeA. You can have a MyVirtualServer\MyHRInst running on NodeB. But the have completely different databases, Drive letters, IP adresses, etc.

That being said. When doing the initial install, the SQL Sever install needs to be done from the active node and all SQL instances need to be on the active node at the same times.

SP are done from the inactive node, with all SQL Instances be on the other node.

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I am having the first issue that you had.  Can you post your resolution?  Thank you.
I figured this out too.  It threw me off when the add node wizard said the quorum couldn't be contacted by the new node, but this is not to be worried about, as only the active node should show the quorum disk as readable.  
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