Exchange 2007 Problems

I have a customer that is havign some wierd issues on his Exchange server running on a SBS 2008 Server

1.  He has a one user that cannot send mail to certan email address, they bounce back.  but she can send to other email address just fine, and other users on the same Exchagne Server can send to the ones she can't send to. #550 <xxxxxxx>: invalid address ##

2.  Also, some people can't seem to email them, they get a boucen back saying simply

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients failed.

How can I setup logging on this servder to see if those messages even get to the server, and what do I do about this one users issues?
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for first problem with error #550 <xxxxxxx>: invalid address ##
it is obviously he send to wrong email address, and why other user can send is maybe because of other users have the correct email address / contact saved in their contact.
ask him to check the email address he send, is it the correct or same with other users used to send.

for second problem, no enough information, pls provide bounce mail when outside send email fail.

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rshooper76Author Commented: #550 <xxxxxxx>: invalid address ##

The xxxx are replacing the email address, the user did in fact use the correct email address, I just don't want to list it.  Also, this is rhe exact same address that other users are able to send to.  That is why I am  confused.

This particular user also gets some #550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired ## on email addresses that other users are able to send to.

And the other bounce basks, thats all we are getting, again why I am a little confused.
yes, i understand you are hiding the real email by using xxxx.
what i mean, was he email using contact or manually keyin the email address?
my experience, usually users got save the wrong email address in contact.

otherwise, try delete the mail account and recreate again.
Check your server is not on any blacklists: --> blacklists

rshooper76Author Commented:
Solved the problem on my own but wanted to close the question.
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