Lexmark x3350 Print Job Hangs At 0%

have uninstalled and reinstalled lexmark x3350 software and drivers , removed lexmark drivers from registry , removed lexmark drivers from c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers , ran cleanspooler fix to remove lexmark monitors from registry , have created new local profile , after uninstalled deleted lexmark folders from c:\program files , uninstall printer and file sharing from windows - reboot computer - reinstall it back , disabled firewall being used (in this case being mcafee) ... apparently it works for a few a days after computer is reformated and reimaged but then them problem returns ...

any other ideas...
all assistance is appreciated... thanks...
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did you test this printer on another PC yet?  it may be the cause..
What O/S does the pc have?  When it stops working does it get stuck on a simple print job or something more complex?
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
this is happening on more than one computer ...
OS is windows xp ...

and it gets stuck on any print job , windows test page - test page in notepad - test page in ms word - internet explorer print job

have also tried connecting to different USB port...
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ok - but does the lexmark work ok on a PC?
In Device Manager is there a Yellow Exclamation mark by the Printer?
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
yes lexmark printer worked fine 2 weeks ago ... and no there is no yellow exclamation mark in device manager ...
2 weeks ago is not what i asked : does it work NOW on any PC?
if not it can still be the cause
oh yes - and try another cable also; just to be sure we don't overlook something..
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
it does not work on any computer NOW...
and have tried different cable .. same problem ..
then i fear the  lexmark is the cause.
if you want - you can put in a new disk, with a fresh installed OS on it to test
What McAfee product do you have?
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention , but it has been disabled and same problem printing...
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
tried all this today :
uninstalled lexmark x3350 printer software / drivers
deleted all lexmark drivers from :
deleted all lexmark drivers from :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-3#
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet003#\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-3#
searched registry for 'lexmark' , deleted all keys relating to lexmark
ran cleanspl.exe , deleted all lexmark monitors
removed all lexmark folders from c:\program files\
removed c:\windows\lastgood\twain_32\lexmark
uninstalled c_ofpatch2k7cp_978380_w2x
uninstalled c_ofpatch2k3_978474_win
uninstalled c_ospatch_975561_wxp
restarted print spooler
deleted lexmark files from c:\
[found text file named : lxcc.txt , has entries :
PrintMonitor - EndJob called after failed StartJob , return immediately]
reboot computer
added desktop printer from printers and faxes
checked lexmark solutions center maintenance :
printer status - ready
paper type - plain paper
ink levels - full

checked device manager , lexmark 3300 series and 3300 series have yellow question marks under other devices
tried to update driver for lexmark 3300 series from c:\drivers\printer\3300
there was a problem installing this hardware
message : the printer driver is unknown
tried to update driver for 3300 series from c:\drivers\printer\3300
drivers were loaded to c:\windows\system32\drivers

lexmark 3300 series = printer
3300 series = scanner (imaging devices)

lexmark 3300 series is using :
c:\program files\lexmark 3300 series\lxccnv4.dll
c:\program files\lexmark 3300 series\lxccdrs.dll
c:\windows\lastgood\twain_32\lexmark\3300 series\lxcctwds.ds

device manager does not show anything for printers

checked services , found lxcc_device
path to exe : c:\windows\system32\lxcccoms.exe-service
tried to print from notepad , jobs stays in queue with status of deleting

lexmark 3300 series - usb port status stays at 0 %

shows 2 files : one as a shockwave flash object (FP00000)
other file FP00000.SHD

lxcc file was created in c:\
file has line :
2010/03/25-12:54:46.670 PrintMonitor EndJob called after failed StartJob, return immediately

(this is the time i tried to print test page from notepad)
each time someone tries to print new line is added with time stamp , same error
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
as well as checked permission to lexmark keys in registry
I thought you said previously that you didn't have Yellow Exclamation in Device Manager?
Anyway, have you seen this on the Lexmark site....

mvalencia2003Author Commented:
yellow exclamation marks went away after i updated drivers ...
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
problem was mcafee dlp (data loss protection) update corrupted printer driver , needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled...

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