Wake on LAN through VPN is working through dialup but not through ADSL

I can WOL with mc-wol when I'm connected through modem-dialup, but when I'm connected through ADSL it doesn't work.
I tried 2 Internet provider ADSL and none works.
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I would say that it was something to do with the port that the WOL packet is using.
Probably blocked in a firewall somewhere along the way.
I assume that you tried the second option as stated in related solution, right?

In general I agree with storkyIV that you are connected completely different through ADSL than by modem dial-up. ADSL means for your office network that your packets arrive from public internet rather than from semi-trusted dial-in router.

As in the other case, please first check whether packets sent out by WOL tool can really reach your destination network. I would guess that firewall is currently blocking this.

eihpAuthor Commented:
I find out what was the problem. I had to configure my home ADSL roter to port forwerd UDP port 7. Now it works.

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have you checked your firewall / router ? you need to have port 7 and/or 9 open to wake on lan from an external ip
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