How to set up redirect from flash (actionscript) website to separate html mobile site

We have created a separate mobile site and now need to set up a redirect from our main website.  
Our main website has been created in Flash (Actionscript).  We have therefore created a separate mobile site in html.  The html files are also stored in our ISP’s webspace, in a subfolder called MOB.
Is there a script we can put into the flash site, to redirect mobile users to www.ourwebsite/mob?  If so, whereabouts in the flash site should the redirection script be placed?  We use PCs.

I know that there’s plenty of information about this subject on the web, but it is way beyond our knowledge/expertise.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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SjoerdvWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're web server had to support PHP. If it does then you're right.
A simple test would be:

echo "Hello world!"

Save this file as test.php to youre webserver and open it in you're browser (
an output of only Hello world meens PHP is running. an output including the <? and echo meens php isn't running.

YIf php is running you should create an index.php that redirect normal users to you're flash site, and mobile users to you're mobile site.
There also some (js) scripts available that detects or the browser supprts flash. If it doesn't you can redirect normal users without flash to an alternate html page.
I wouldn’t recommend action script for detecting the browser type. Cause most mobile browsers doesn’t support flash, they would never be redirected.

Instead you should detect witch browser they’re using before redirecting to the flash site (for normal users), of the mobile users.

You could use some php code. Take a look at 
sarahb1973Author Commented:
Thank you for the information and the web link.  I've been able to create something using the function generator.  However, our knowledge of PHP code and how it is implemented is zero.  Do we save the script as a .php file and store it within our webspace?  Thank you.
sheepfactoryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why don't you give these guys a try:

Mobile browser detection is a bit complex because device user agents keep changing often. Using a pro service as above will avoid you lots of headaches in the long run.
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