WebSphere servers, node agent fails to launch, ADMU3011E

I have a strange problem. I had installed WAS on Sun Solaris 5.10 as root and everythign worked fine. I was able to start and stop servers, launch console, create cluster .

I then changed the ownership of AppServer and all directories below to wasadmin.

After that only the dmgr is starting . The nodeagent and the other servers are giving

[3/24/10 13:00:25:945 AST] 0000000a AdminTool     A   ADMU0128I: Starting tool with the AppSrv01 profile
[3/24/10 13:00:25:948 AST] 0000000a AdminTool     A   ADMU3100I: Reading configuration for server: nodeagent
[3/24/10 13:00:32:913 AST] 0000000a AdminTool     A   ADMU3200I: Server launched. Waiting for initialization status.
[3/24/10 13:00:35:757 AST] 0000000a AdminTool     A   ADMU3011E: Server launched but failed initialization. startServer.log, SystemOut.log(or job log in zOS)
 and other log files under /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/logs/nodeagent should contain failure information.

Attached is the trace file of startServer.log

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globalnestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to check the logs, these are normally located in <install_root>\PortalServer\log check the details in the native_stderr.log and native_stdout.log files for issues

if above log files are more than 2 GB (according to standerds,  My recommendation 1 GB ) then nove it to some other plase, server will create new one in next launch.


you need to find the equivalent for Solaris.

Solution for windows-XP and Linux
Let WPS_HOME = C:\IBM\WebSphere

Step (1): Go to command prompt
Step (2): cd <WPS_HOME>\wp_profile\bin
Step (3): execute file "osgiCfgInit.bat" at command prompt

Now, start server using startServer.bat

Step (4): startServer.bat WebSphere_Portal -user wpsadmin -password wpsadmin

serverName : WebSphere_Portal
userName : wpsadmin
password : wpsadmin

Note: For Linux, use osgiCfgInit.sh and startServer.sh file

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