MS project - how do i create a resource sheet using c#

I am creating an add-in for project2007 pro in c#  that imports data from a excel sheet -
I havemanaged to create the tasks ok but am having trouble with getting the task resource names and work hours to load, no matter what i do that just create as as blank fields.
I think its because i need to create a resource sheet first - but i can't find what the requirements are for creating the sheet..
can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do it or any info on coding add-ins for project that might help please.
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jbfraserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are using the Project Object Model to do this, correct? (Versus using Project Server and the PSI.)

Adding resources to a project is similar to adding tasks. If Project is not connected to a server, you should be able to simply add resources, and they will get added as local resources. The Project object has a resources property:

When a resource is connected to a task, that is called an assignment. So you need to first have tasks and resources then you create assignments to connect the one to the other.

Let me know if I'm headed the right direction to help you here...
James Fraser
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