xenapp 5 wi performance issues - speedscreen?


I'm new to xen and I’m just trying to get things fine tuned,

I have setup xenapps on a xen virtual machine and I am streaming a window server 2008 desktop. All my users come in externally using wi, through the secure gateway server set up on a separate vm.

The problem I'm having is that performance is choppy at the best of times. Scrolling through a document appear slow, when typing at times words do not appear till a few second later and when playing video the session is really unusable and everything slows to a haul, video quality is also very choppy. Once you close the browser playing the media, the sound from media will continue to play for a good 30 - 40 seconds before it stops and weirdly sometime starts playing again when the users logs off.

I have gone into xenapp and set the speedscreen options, but this doesn't seem to make any difference to the wi. I went in the low medium and high .ica files and added the line key board and mouse option and that seems to have increased usability a bit however scrolling on ie and video playback still renders the session unusable.

Do I need to need to add something somewhere to enable the rest of the speedsrceen options for wi.

Could poor performance be down to something I haven't done on the firewall or a mis-configuration on the setup?

I'm all out of Idea's so any help will be most welcome.
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Load the Citrix Web Interface ManagementIf you right click on the website in question and select "Session Preferences".

Under Remote Connection, select Connection Performance, and then select "enable bandwidth control.

Have you tried using the web interface on your internal LAN, to compare the performance, to what remote users are experiencing?

In terms of the firewall port configurations, I dont think that will be an issue, as your users can launch apps/desktops already.
markbenhamAuthor Commented:
testing on the local LAN isn't easy as all servers are in a hosted data centre.

I will try what you have suggest and see if this make much of a differance.

markbenhamAuthor Commented:

Enabled bandwidth control

No differance tried playing a youtube file and it nearly crashed the session.
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Well, your questions could be a variety of things and there are some things you may not have considered.
First, I would ask what version of XenApp are you running (Version, Rollup, and Feature Pack)?
Second, (depends on the first question) what version of the XenApp client are your users running?
Third, what type of bandwidth/latency do you have between your external sites and Citrix servers.  This may vary, but I'm hinting at do you have external sites with no issues and others with issues?
I think most of your options lie in XenApp (not WI) and other features you may not have explored in XenApp (depending on XenApp version) that can help.
I'll expand on these more with more information on the above questions, but here's the short of it.
1. Video, what type of Video?  Are you talking Flash, Windows Media, etc.?
There's some technologies in XenApp that allow you to do Server side rendering, Server side redirection, and Client redirection.
For example:
1. You can have the server process the Flash or Windows Media and send that down the ICA channel.  This can be server intensive and bandwidth intensive.  SpeedScreen does help, but depends on latency and bandwidth.  Typically works good on the LAN, but still bandwidth intensive and you may get some audio/video synch issues.  It has been improved in later versions of XenApp.
2. You can have the server send the RAW Windows Media file to the client.  Bandwidth is less, but depends on what the Media file was encoded in. (ex. if it's a WMV @ 300KB/s then it's 300KB/s to the client).  Now this should be just as good as the client going directly to it and depending on bandwidth/latency they'll have to buffer it.
3. You can have the server do Flash (client) redirection.  For example, you've published IE and they go to youtube.com.  Once they click on a video, the flash video is pull from youtube.com to client instead of youtube.com to Citrix Server to client.
4. I believe you can also do #2 with Flash.  Example they access a flash file on your intranet and the Citrix Server sends that down in a RAW format and the client renders it.  I think you have to have a private client to do this, but it may be included in the 12.0 client release a couple of days ago.
Sooo... it depends.  More details would help.
markbenhamAuthor Commented:
Ok I will try and answer as best as I can:

All media has the same issue, problem is that it also effect website with flash images etc.. most tests have been done running a vidio on youtube.

I am running xenapps 5 not sure what rollup version I have, how do I check this?

The latency between sites do differ how ever all most tests have been run on my connection which is very good and has very low latency and another connection which has a higher latency. results are the same.

we were using an older web client however I have recently changed this to version 12 to try and rectify the issue with no joy.

I have no doubt that the problem is the way the server is rendering/brokering the files however I don't know how I go about setting this up correcly. I have set the speed screen options on the farm and the actual streaming server but it made no differance.

Hope this helps



markbenhamAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Looks like this is really too complex for anyone to answer without jumping on our system so probably best to close the question. We've changed the web template to reduce resolution and quality and that has helped though!

Thanks and take care


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Make sure you're using 12.0.3 client to view YouTube videos, there was a problem in the 12.0 RTW that broke YouTube flash content. If you go to the Citrix knowledge center just search for 12.0.3 and you should find a link to download. Also, run the HDX Verifier tool (http://hdxflash.codeplex.com/) on the client to make sure everything is setup properly. One more thing, make sure you're on the latest version of HDX, here's the latest hotfix: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX124145
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